Facts You Need To Know About BMW

Facts You Need To Know About BMW

One of the most reliable brands in the automobile industry, BMW has created a benchmark when it comes to elegance, classiness, quality, and technology. And when it comes to trust, BMW is one of those brands, which you can trust blindly. But here are a few facts which even the biggest BMW fan must be unaware of! Let’s have a look:

First and foremost, let us bring the elaborate form of BMW to your notice! There are many people who feel BMW is an acronym with no full-form! But no – BMW a stands for Bayerische Motarre Werken which is German for Bavarian Motor Works. So the next time someone says BMW, flaunt a bit of knowledge there – bring to notice the elaborate form of BMW!

BMW originally manufactured aircraft engines – that probably explains their prowess in the engine sector. BMW always comes up with the best engines – sturdy and durable with no reason to complain!


The first in the world to build the fastest motorcycle way back in 1937 was BMW! Imagine in times when bringing technology and designs were way tougher than what it is now, BMW already had a motorbike to its credit – that too, the fastest one in the world! Way ahead of time – BMW it is!

BMW values its loyal customers a lot – and the fact that they still manufacture parts of the classic era cars! There a lot of people who still have these vintage cars going around, and for their sake – just so that they get original, trustworthy parts for replacement, BMW has still kept that assembly line going!

The colors in the logo of BMW represent the colors of Bavaria – the land where BMW was first established and thrived to become one of the noted brands in the world. Bavaria is where the headquarters of BMW is located, and the logo is BMW’s way of paying tribute to Bavaria.

BMW has a Lamborghini to its credit! Wondering how the German giant built an Italian beauty? Well, BMW and Lamborghini had mutually agreed to make a car – but due to financial reasons, Lamborghini pulled out of the project. BMW continued the project, and that gave birth to the original BMW M1 Supercar.

Most celebrities prefer BMW’s. And why not – owning a BMW is sheer luxury! And status symbol too! A whole list of stars – ranging from Kim Kardashian to Jessica Alba own their BMW’s which you see them flaunting often!