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Classiest Cars Of All Times

Posted by Everett Kim on
Classiest Cars Of All Times

Cars have never failed to fascinate – every car has its charm and aura! And this post is entirely dedicated to the classiest cars of all times, cars which till date; continue to swoon us with their elegance and chicness! Let’s drive you through!

2001 Aston Martin Vanquish:
Look at this car – isn’t it beauty at it’s best? And that’s precisely what it was known for. The car was designed by Ian Callum, whose design of the Vanquish was full of curves – it took immense effort and coordination to bring these curves on paper into reality. And we’re here, witnessing this stunning beauty!

1969 Ferrari Dino  246 GT:

The super sleek structure of this car is what won our hearts – it was the most commercially successful car during that period. Ferrari came up with three versions of this car during its lifetime and stopped the production right at the time when the demands for this beauty was at its peak.  This two-seater car, with a  rear transverse engine with enough power for the car to speed off at 235 kmph with superb ease!

1962 AC Cobra 289:
My personal favorite – it open, it’s super sleek, and it’s two-seater! That’s what makes it the best. The Ac Cobra is also sold as Shelby Cobra in the United States, just in case you’re in doubt. It was an English model before being rejuvenated by the Americans – which is why it is also known to be of Anglo-American origin. The much-needed changes in the specifications were added by the Americans which ultimately made this car a best-seller.


1955 Citroën DS19:
Elegance personified, this car was definitely a status symbol back then! If you look at its design, even you’ll wonder if it was possible to design this level of perfection back in the 1950’s! But the flawless design is sure to fall hard for. And hey, the technology used in this machine surpasses its beauty. If you go through the specifications of these cars, you’ll know why this machine can be easily classified as a ‘mean machine’!

1935 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900:
A mixed emotions car – this is indeed one of the vintage cars which I’d love to have in my garage! Just look at it – the design of this car, the bright red color all make it super classy! The royalty this car exuberated made it a common status symbol in the most affluent homes back then.