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Interesting Facts About BMW

Posted by Everett Kim on
Interesting Facts About BMW

We all know that BMW is a brand that has positioned itself among the best in the world. No one can deny the fact that it is a perfect blend of performance, sophistication, and class. When most of the luxury brands cater to the high-end market, BMW is one of the very few brands which have managed to produce cars that can meet the requirements of everyone. Most of us know the quality of their products and the engineering and innovation that is packed into it. In this article, we will discuss some of the interesting facts about the brand BMW.

Originally manufactured aircraft engines

We all know that BMW is known for producing the best cars in the world. But most of us have no idea that they actually started out by manufacturing flight engines. During World War 1 there was a huge demand for aircraft engines. It was at that time Rapp Motor, and Otto Werke joined together to manufacture aircraft engines. After World War 1 they stopped manufacturing. Again during World War 2 they resumed their production and produced engines for Luftwaffe. The BMW 132 and BMW 801 are some of the best aircraft engines of World War 2. They continued manufacturing engines until 1945.


The treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles is the main reason for BMW to start manufacturing cars. The Treaty of Versailles banned the German industries from manufacturing engines for warplanes. Hence BMW as forced to diversify their operations. So they started concentrating on producing cars and motorcycles.

The first car

The first ever car from brand BMW was Dixi. When BMW decided to enter the car production segment in the year 1928, they bought Automobiwerk Eisenach. The purchase gave them the rights to build Dixi. In the initial stages, the cars were named BMW Dixi. In the year 1929, the name Dixi was dropped as they came up with the better version of the model. This new version was called BMW 3/15 DA-2, and they started sales in 1929.

The Logo

When it comes to the BMW logo, there are various speculations. Some say that the logo represents a spinning propeller because BMW used to manufacture engines for warplanes. The logo actually represents the colors that Bavaria. Bavaria is the place in Germany where the company has its headquarters. The roundel is because it was a part of the logo of Rapp Motor which was involved in founding BMW.

Electric cars

Many have a wrong idea that electric cars are modern day invention. But that is not the truth. The very first electric car was designed and manufactured in the year 1828. BMW actually built its first electric car in the year 1972. It was called the BMW 1602e. It never made it to the market, because of various reasons. Even though the 1602e was not a success, it did lay a strong foundation for the company in the electric car sector.

Innovations Of BMW

Innovations Of BMW

Posted by Everett Kim on
Innovations Of BMW

Every automobile company in this world is constantly innovating and coming up with new technology, and BMW is not an exception. In the automobile industry being stagnant is one of the biggest mistakes that you can do. Just because one of your models is successful, it does not mean that you could stick on that for the rest of your lives. It is mandatory to innovate to stay in business. BMW is one of the brands that is known for innovation, and it has never missed surprising people with its innovations. In this article, we will discuss some of the coolest innovations of BMW.

Efficient Dynamic Strategy

The Efficient Dynamic Strategy is one of the techniques that is applied by BMW to its vehicles to consume less fuel and also to emit less. Building fuel-efficient cars is a battle that is going on between every car manufacturer in the world. BMW is one of the first in the industry to succeed in this battle and come up with the ideal product that consumes very less fuel when compared to every other product in the market.

Predictive driving


Many might think that most of the automatic cars have this technology and what does BMW has to do with it. We do accept that most of the automatic cars have this technology of predictive driving. The technology predicts the next gear based on the driving patterns with pre-written algorithms. But BMW took things further by coming up with new technology.

In the year 2012 BMW connected the navigation system with the automatic transmission. This made the car shift gears based on the terrain and the driving pattern. When you are driving on the hills or taking steep turns the gears will change according to that.

Lightweight construction

The quest to build more efficient cars is something that will continue forever. When we say efficient cars, it is not just related to the engines and gear trains. There are a lot of aspects that come into play when it comes to building efficient cars. One of the important ways is to reduce the weight of the vehicle. Hence the manufacturers started to opt for materials that are of lightweight and improve the aerodynamics. In this effort, BMW was one of the very first to succeed by using carbon fiber to manufacture its i3 and i8 models. BMW is very particular when it comes to recycling the carbon fiber material that is wasted during the manufacturing process.  They have also showcased their carbon fiber wheels and steering wheels in many auto shows.


One of the major reasons for cars from BMW being highly efficient is because of the aerodynamics. Aerodynamics is one of the areas where you can evidently see the unparalleled quality of BMW’s R&D. When most of the other companies were concentrating engines to improve efficiency, BMW was the first to concentrate on the aerodynamics of the vehicle to improve fuel efficiency.